Why Us

Who are we?

Clear Link Concrete is unlike any other concrete contractor Parrish FL company. We are a family owned company with old-school Christian values. You will find that through every step of your project, that you will encounter someone who is a member of this family business. The grandparents, including the mother who works in the office, are assisting the father (the owner) and his two sons manage your requests in the field. This relationship puts you as a customer in a unique position in that every aspect of your project is treated with responsibility and care to your project.

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Concrete Contractors With Attention to Detail

We understand the importance of details as concrete contractor Parrish FL. Our attention to detail starts with the demolition and removal of any concrete, debris, grass or other landscape necessary for removal as this step keeps a clean and organized worksite. The process of setting the forms starts next with the setup of our laser leveling which determines the grade and pitch of your concrete project. This laser process ensures that we know the precise amount of fall to any side of your concrete within a 1/16 of an inch. After the forms are put up then we grade the dirt ensuring that we have an exact depth of concrete. This is critical to us because concrete that is poured at different thicknesses have different weight and setup time for finishing which can cause cracking.

Patios & Driveways With a Clean & Efficient Process

To ensure that your concrete project goes smoothly we use a concrete pumping system as your concrete contractor Parrish FL. A two inch hose brings the concrete from the street to your location of new concrete. This allows for the cleanest and most efficient transfer of material to the intended location of the new pour. Our crew then finishes the concrete and strips the forms the same day, leaving your property in most cases – start to finish in one day. We then return to your project to complete the joint control. Join control is done with a concrete saw cutting the concrete 1/4 inch of the thickness poured. This practice is followed very closely because if it is not done correctly, undesired cracking can occur. We then have a walk-through of your project ensuring that you are thoroughly satisfied with the work.