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When you need a new driveway or to replace that one block that is rising up above the rest of the driveway, we are the concrete contractor Parrish FL for you. Clear Link starts with preparation of the driveway by removing a small part of the grass next to existing concrete creating a space to install forms to hold the concrete in place while being poured. We then put some separation cuts into the old driveway to better control demolition of concrete. Next we come in with our bobcat and start picking up sections of concrete and placing them into our dump truck. After all concrete, vegetation and debris are removed, we form up the shape of drive that was requested.

Concrete Contractor Bradenton FL Services Driveways
Concrete Contractor Bradenton FL Services Patios


We do all shapes and sizes of patios. Most of our patios are in the back of the house and have an existing pad in front of the door where new concrete is proposed. As a concrete contractor Parrish FL, we prefer to remove that piece so we can have one solid and continuous pad for your new patio. After removing all grass and vegetation, we form the patio shape with 2×4 and steel pins to hold everything in place. We then grade the dirt next to the forms to ensure an even 4” thick pouring of the concrete will occur.


Lanais are one of the most popular installations we handle as a concrete contractor Parrish FL. The main difference between a normal patio and a lanai slab is the use of footing. Footing gives the slab a thickened edge allowing for proper thickness around the perimeter of the concrete. Meeting the requirements for the future use to have screened enclosure installed the footers are poured together with your new slab. The purpose of the footer is to have a bigger area of concrete to fasten walls against. This will provide the right amount of protection from wind shear against the structure under maximum force.

Concrete Contractor Bradenton FL Services Lanais
Concrete Contractor Bradenton FL Services Walkways


Walks are one of the most design inspired installs we do as a concrete contractor Parrish FL. We have many different types of forms we use to shape our walkways. We use forms made out of PVC material allowing us to bend and shape any custom walkway desired.

Taking the time to properly set forms is one of the many ways we are set apart from our competitors. Checking that each form has the correct curve or that the straight runs stay straight before, during and after pouring the concrete is a must!

Decorative Work

Most concrete contractor Parrish FL companies look at concrete as a structural material with little to no effort put toward unique outward appearances. We offer many different kinds of upgrades to your concrete service. The simplest way to make your concrete stand apart from any other is to cut borders on the edges. Another way to enhance cuts in the concrete is to cut patterns of squares or diamonds creating the effect of a tiled areas. We also do coloring and stamping of concrete. Coloring can be achieved two different ways. The first is to add color packets directly to the concrete truck. The second is to pour the concrete then throw color a cementitious powder on the surface of the concrete.

Stamping is a very unique process giving concrete the impression that it is pavers or some other type of natural stone. There are many different patterns to choose from. We can provide a design or help your imagined design see itself to reality all the while keeping your personalized concrete budget in mind.

Concrete Contractor Bradenton FL Services Decorative Work

Pool Decks

Pool decks are resurfaced all the time. We work hard to make our renovations to your pool deck surface lasting. This is accomplished by proper preparation. We remove all old failing topping and cleanout and remove all dirt and debris in the sawcuts and cracks. We start by grinding the surface creation groves for new material to bond with the old material. We then wash and clean all remaining surface dust, allowing for the best results for new material to fix to the old deck. Applying a bond coat over the entire surface of the deck allows the texture coat to stick to the same material instead of trying to get texture to adhere to the old deck. We then put two coats of stain\sealer over the textured surface providing a wear coat for UV rays and foot traffic.

Concrete Contractor Bradenton FL Services Concrete StairsConcrete Stairs 

Our concrete experience started in the northern state of Ohio. With our beginnings in new construction we did hundreds of house entryways where everyone had a set of step systems. Steps are very time sensitive to striping and finishing the sides. The only way to get a good result with step installation is to have lots of experience with them and we do! We can also come up with very unique ideas showcasing your step system.


Excavation & Hauling

Many times with a concrete contractor Parrish FL, fill dirt is needed for your project to have the right pitch. Owning our own dump trucks allows timely access to your project for material needed to complete the project. Dirt and fill that is brought in to change the height of a job is compacted in layers to insure accuracy. This helps protect for proper compaction of the new fill dirt at the time of install. This procedure takes a little more time but aids in the overall outcome of the slab and the grade of your project. One of the reasons we feel it is required to put reinforcement in the concrete is due to fill dirt being brought in. Any time we add fill dirt we also add rebar and wire to reinforce the slab from settling.


Stone Installation and Temporary Driveway

When putting in temporary driveways it is necessary to remove all existing grass before driveway base is brought in, ask your concrete contractor Parrish FL. The first type of material used in driveways is crushed concrete. Crushed concrete is just as it sounds, old concrete that is taken to a processing plant and ground three different times. The mixture left behind is one which has a powder and stone mixture that allows for better compaction. When compacted and rained on, crushed concrete will get rather hard and leave a base where it prevents ruts and big holes from tire tracks. This is why we like using this material for the base. Once that is installed we can top it with the stone or shell of your choice.


Water Control

 When we start a project, the first thing we begin with is our laser level. By using the laser in our set up, it gives us a benchmark to know where every height the concrete is going to be placed. This advantage allows us to know within a 1/16 of an inch the direction the water will go when it rains for complete water control on your jobsite.