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We make sure our customers are satisfied with each project, making us a top rated competitor among concrete companies in Bradenton, FL and its surrounding area.

We make recommendations that help you get the best value and keep it cost-efficient.

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  • Concrete Contractor Parrish FL Icon 3Highest Quality Control
    We follow procedures to control the majority of cracking problems. Proper grading techniques are followed to eliminate potential weaknesses in long term durability.
  • Concrete Contractor Parrish FL Icon 4Highest Rated in Parrish
    We have over 40 Google reviews because we prioritize your satisfaction.
  • Concrete Contractor Parrish FL Icon 1Clean Up Guarantee
    Job site will be clean upon completion of work each day.
  • Concrete Contractor Parrish FLl Icon 5Pay Only For What You Need
    We make the best recommendations that will help maximize your project, no unnecessary costly upgrades.
  • Concrete Contractor Parrish FL Icon 2Upfront and Accurate Pricing
    Know the price before we start a job and pay exactly what the estimate says.
Concrete Contractor Parrish FL Woman

“I have used this company several times as did my neighbor. We were both very happy with their work. The first time I used them is when they poured a front and side pouch. I was so happy with his work and price, I had them pour a back porch. Again, I was very satisfied with the job. They are always on time and responded quickly with any questions I had and always professional. I highly recommend them!”

– Peggy O’Keefe

Concrete Contractor Parrish FL Man

“Lou and Shannon were awesome. They gave us a great quote and followed it up with an outstanding printed patio and pavers. They were extremely professional and I would definitely recommend them”

– Michael O’Neill